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Welcome to the Selling Later Community!

Here are a few guidelines you must follow in order to participate in our community.

No promotions, marketing, soliciting, or advertising.  Only PRO accounts are allowed to include minor promotional items in their albums.  No links to blogs, workshops, social media, youtube etc.  Market surveys, testing, and other market research is also prohibited.  Members that violate this rule will be removed from the community.    

Comments and posts offering to find members an agent that will result in a referral fee collection are prohibited.  Members that violate this rule will be removed from the community immediatley.

Newsworthy links are sometimes allowed if not paywalled, in the context of a current real-estate related event, at moderator discretion. All political discussion must be real estate related.  Posting a link with no context will be removed. 

Be civil to each other, spirited debate is fine but insults will not be tolerated.  You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this website.

Those that break the above rules will be removed from the community.  PRO members will not be refunded for their suspended time or complete removal from the community.

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