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  1. Well this sucks! Like the inventory isn't bad enough with what is on the market.
  2. Anyone else feel uncomfortable with the agent at the open house? They ask me so many questions and want my info. Even when I tell them I already have an agent they are still all over me. Can't I just look at the house and be left alone?
  3. Anyone have tips on how to increase your credit score?
  4. Considering building new instead of buying existing. Anyone build a new home recently?
  5. Looking for a home in the North Hills (McCandless or Allison Park) Budget: around 200,000 2 bedrooms and 1.5 or 2 bathrooms preferred I am flexible of when I can buy, would prefer sooner than later though.
  6. Thanks for the tips! Going to post on Buyers Seeking now.
  7. This market is brutal. I looked on Selling Later but don't see any current posts for Pittsburgh. Anyone have tips on how to find a home other than MLS?
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