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The Full AMA with Jay Villella

Selling Later Wendy


Incase you missed it, here is the complete AMA with @Jay Villella

Have an additional question?  Ask it below and Jay will answer it for you.

Here is a breakdown of the questions:

1:30 min:   Jay's real estate background

3:25 min:  The Pittsburgh Market and will it slow down

10:35 min: Where do you see real estate agents in 10 years

11:33 min:  Commissions and the Department of Justice investigations of National Association of Realtors

14:30 min: Why do agents get paid whether they show you two homes or 20 homes

17:16 min: What is a buyer's rebate

18:57 min: Websites to avoid when trying to find a rebate

19:35 min: How do you ask for a buyer's rebate

21:47 min: How even some rebate platforms (except for HomeOpenly) take fees from the agents

24:25 min: Are there any situations that aren't fair to ask for a rebate

25:35 min: Biggest first time homebuyer mistakes

27:13 min: The impact of credit score on your interest rate

30:30 min: When is the best time to sell your home

31:25 min:  What should you do to add value to your home

33:50 min: The pro's and con's to doing a pre-listing inspection

37:20 min: Not all home inspectors are created equal 

38:19 min:  Where to find valid reviews on inspectors and why to still check reviews on inspectors referred to you

40:19 min: the usually interruption from my daughter  



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