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How do Relo companies work?



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Katy, I've relocated 8 times as a Relocation client and we were often able to pick our own agent, however sometimes we were limited to a certain brokerage unless we knew to ask. There is SO much I wish I had known when a client that I know now as a Realtor -- would be happy to tell you what I've learned! A few points:

  1. The agent will pay +-50% of the commission to the RMC and brokerage--which sadly often leaves the client needing the highest degree of care the lowest level of service.
  2. Decide where you want to live BEFORE you commit to a Realtor. The Dallas metroplex is the size of Connecticut.  And the best agent when new to a city is a LOCAL agent.
  3. Exclusive listings--if you work with an agent at Broker A, you will only have access to their 'off-market' properties but not to Broker B, C or D's --which means there may be dozens of homes that fit your criteria that you will never know about. There is a way to navigate this--but you have to know what you don't know-.-
  4. Will you rent or buy?  If renting, you want an agent who specializes in the rental market.
  5. What kind of lifestyle are you seeking--Condo, Single family home, Farm & Ranch? You need an agent who specializes in the property type you are seeking.
  6. TIME--make sure the agent you choose has the TIME you need. Are they available the weekends that you are in town--or will they be working with other clients or juggling little league games as well?
  7. Pivtapp.com, a relocation app that helps mobile employees connect to the resources and information they need when moving to a new city, just launched in Dallas and is offering employers 3 free months to help their employees ease the challenges of relocation  I would be happy to speak with someone at your company to see if we could add them to the platform (currently it's a B2B platform).

Hope this helps. I am a Realtor in Dallas, but I work first as a consultant because many of our agents should have told us when they didn't have the time, property expertise or local knowledge that we needed.  The right agent can make all the difference in finding a house, or finding "HOME," in a new city.  Happy to be 'trusted advisor' and help you navigate the process!


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